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Sangha Hospital


This hospital is the result of a partnership between Via-Sahel and the Malian government. It covers 56 villages with a total population of 40,000 and replaces the old dispensary at Sangha, situated 900 km from the capital Bamako.
Operational since January 1998, it has a capacity of 15 beds, an operating theatre, and an X-ray machine.
Reception facilities for the families of patients who are hospitalized allow people to be fed at lower costs during their stay and not remain alone.




Maternity Unit Sangha

In 1999 a maternity unit was built as an annex to the main building.
Since its construction, mortality during childbirth has significantly decreased; approximately 400 babies have been born within the unit, a number that continues to grow year on year.
The responsibility for this project is undertaken and supported by The Association Via Sahel Children of Africa

The responsibility of this activity is assured by :
Winnie NOSAL
Domaine de Sautou
Tél : (033)
Fax : (033)




Som pharmacies


Some pharmacies with basic supplies have been set up in the most remote villages.
This hospital is now fully independent, and other associations are also involved in supporting its activities. The physician responsible for this establishment is the Physician and Surgeon Dr Ibrahim OULOUGEM.
The responsibility for this project is undertaken and supported by The Association

Via Sahel - Cahors L' antenna ' Cahors-Gourdon ' works first of all
in the field of HEALTH. to know about it more click



Laboratory of medical analyses of Sangha


This establishment was accomplished and works since 2008, thanks to the intervention of international ONG « Biology Without Border » and « Electricity Without Border » coordinated by Via Sahel Enfants of Africa.

It is a question of intervening and identifying the most frequent diseases: paludism, bilharziose, HIV, VHC in a zone distant from big cities, and therefore to earn the time necessary to the quick detection of lethal pollution.



November 2010. Rapport of Mission


Rapport of Mission done by Joseph Cuziat et Jean Sémon
at Sangha, Républic of Mali, november 2010.

by Joseph Cuziat and Jean Sémon

Association " Biologie Sans Frontières " (biology without borders)

Ibrahim et Joseph




The installation of an area Biochemistry, made possible by the acquisition of a spectro-photometer, benefited from the generous help of the French society 'Biolabo '.

Meetings with some personalities took place with the objective to search support necessary to the appointment of this laboratory, the usefulness of which for the local population seems acknowledged.





A personnel qualified in chosen summer, and benefits from an adult continuing education assured by international ONG « Biology without border ».

The management of the laboratory is under the supervision of C.S.C.O.M (Centre of Community Health)

and of Via Sahel Enfants of Africa




Ibrahim at job


A review of the operation of progressive installation of the laboratory will allow to locate better the context of the intervention of November, 2010, in the course of which - always in narrow and fertile collaboration with the association ' Via Sahel, children of Africa '-we could assess the result of the previous action of July, 2009: several points of contentment were determined; some insufficiency was raised; some improvements were brought, others will have to be accomplished as soon as possible.





This new mission BSF in Republic of Mali concerned two very different sites one of other one. The Report which you will find clicks here relate the action led to Sangha, country locality located in about 800 Km (that is about fifteen hours of itinerary) from Bamako, the capital there.