for the coming three years, announced by Jacques BYE

Plan of plan in 3 years concerning microcredit.
2010; 2011; 2012


This day Via Sahel Fédération has create 30 microcredits, of a respective 750-repayable € sum in 10 years without interest.
1 800 women are concerned, they are profitable of a loan of a sum on average of 20 € (half of Malian GUARANTEED MINIMUM WAGE) There is no unpaid debt on group today.
Two colleagues at half-time for an annual expense of 1 000 000 CFA, that is 1500€. (rémuneration and expenses of displacement)
The accounting shutter of microcredit
It is almost accomplished well considering set up simplifications.
- All écheances of the borrowers is annual.
- Cases reimburse Via Sahel yearly in January or in July.
- It is therefore needed once a year (in January or July):
? Recover lent sums (capital intérét in 2 % / month)
? To reimburse Via Sahel in régle dress rehearsal of 65 000 CFA / YEAR. (that is 50 000 CFA refund of the capital over 10 years 15 000 CFA of participation at the expense of management)
? Calculate the new capital to be divided between the future borrowers.
? Identify the new borrowers and create the newspaper of borrowing, the newspaper of case and the schedule of due dates of refund.
For the 5 years coming years considering the increase of capitals on 2 cases and participation at the expense of management they can rely 65 000 on an annual refund of Via Sahel T*G of 32 x CFA = 2 080 00a0 CFA / YEAR is 3200€

The annual accounting job is accomplished by the secretary of case with the help of our colleagues.
It is to note that the sum of the loans medium is often deficient for instance to buy a good sheep long ears to be fattened over 8 - 10 months.

The economic shutter
It is satisfactory in general and the profitable women testify it.
However, on this aspect, points have to be ameliorate
A job « of economic help » for the improvement of winnings of the borrowers must be performed, it is difficult, our colleague is used but there in a deficient way, I try for my part
to make it during the tours which I perform twice per year but it remains so broadly deficient, parce - that too punctual and short.
An interesting detonator was performed by Via Sahel Paris across the installation of 6 centres of literacy tuition in 6 cases. This training allows eventually to cause a population knowing how to count and therefore able of considering economic plan better.
For 2009, we envisaged the installation of 4 new microcredits, we stressed to our 2 colleagues at half-time this aspect of their job and have hired for 4 months at half-time a third person who must give advice to optimize practices in the field of animal husbandry