The Grain Bank

Mali is a Sahelian country, with a single annual rainy season seldom lasting three months, where drought is endemic and often results in local, and sometimes national, food shortages. Some communities, such as the region of Mopti, the Bandiagara cliffs, and all the northern regions, are in permanent deficit.

To combat these recurring shortages, the Government of Mali established a food security policy in the 80s, focusing on building national stockpiles. These stocks, consisting of millet, are used exclusively to intervene during periods of great shortages. The supplies are sold by retailers. The rural poor often do not benefit from this.

This policy has been strengthened at the village level by the establishment of "cereal banks" run by the people.
Therefore Via Sahel, at the insistence of the people of the Dogon villages, and to support Government policy, has set up "stores of grain" in the village of Sangha, considered a zone at risk. It will also be necessary to establish warehouses for storage of millet.

The objective is to provide security of food supply for the population between two harvests and during years of drought.
The targeted areas are: the Mopti region, the Bandiagara cliffs and the plain of Koro towards Burkina Faso.
The responsibility for this task is undertaken and supported by all the associations.


Our objectives are:

To achieve nutritional autonomy through an understanding of the principles of food production.
To develop the production of vegetable proteins, animal breeding and fishing
To develop collective solutions by women's associations and by cooperatives
To identify and improve the culinary practices and food hygiene practices
To adapt food consumption to suit biological groups
To satisfy nutritional needs





Our needs:

1. Search for public and community funding
2. Search for private donations
3. Seek contributions from International Associations and Institutions for Food and the fight against hunger
4. Search for nutri
tionists as volunteer teachers for on-site education of local trainers in Mali.
A team from Via Sahel Children of Africa went on site in October 2009 to study this project. A report will soon appear on our forum.
The responsibility for this task is undertaken by The Association for Via Sahel Children of Africa





To correct this recurrent rocking, the Government of Mali has set up since the eighties, a policy of food security centered on the creation of national supplies. These supplies, composed of thousand, serve exclusively for intervening during the periods of big scarceness. They are sold retail by the dealers. The country divested populations seldom benefit from it.





The Centre for Nutritional Education and the Fight against Malnutrition

The almost permanent state of malnutrition found in many children in Mali led us to develop a training center for education in nutrition.
The object is to bring together in a Malian town (Mopti) sufficient documentation and expertise to be able to train Malian technicians, by creating a workshop (for the use of germinated seeds, and several types of vitamin-enriched flour, and peanuts)
The goal is to encourage the use the natural resources of the country.