Who are we !

Via Sahel Children of Africa is a Humanitarian Association dealing specifically with the needs of children.
We are the founders of the NGO Via Sahel which was founded in 1982 and originally dedicated its activities to helping the poorest populations in Mali.
After the success of numerous projects in the field of health, access to water, education and micro credits, it appeared necessary for us to create via Sahel Children of Africa in 2002 specifically to help children of all ages (assisting an orphanage in Bamako, helping street children, and addressing malnutrition, etc. ...)
Our aim is to improve the viability of existing structures and we strive to help develop their financial and functional autonomy.


What do we make!

The Association Via Sahel Children of Africa participates in the development and encourages the autonomy of African populations in the physical, economic, technical, educational, cultural and health areas. It focuses its activities in Mali today and in the poorest regions of the southern Sahara. It has already participated in numerous projects (hospitals, well-drilling and schools) and continues to invest in existing and forthcoming projects (nursery, street children, laboratory for medical analysis and soon a nutritional training centre).


How do we work ?

Our working method is to encourage the participation of the local community. We always encourage job creation and the ownership of outcomes by local people.
Following their implementation and after a period of three or four years of management, establishments are given over to local supervision. However, the association remains involved and intervenes when necessary to improve the operation.
Our action is based on four main principles:-
The Voluntary participation of our members
TRANSPARENCY in all aspects of the use of funds
Helping the local population to be responsible for themselves The handing over of projects to local management teams




How are we organized !

In 1982 the founders of the association began their first assessment missions, first in Burkina Faso in the form of medical missions at the hospital in Ouagadougou.
Following our evaluation mission, the founders decided to intervene in Mali.
In May 1986 a framework agreement was signed between the Association Via-Sahel and the Malian government. This agreement was renewed in February 2009.
The association has since developed, and several other local associations have been established throughout France.
In 1991 the different associations formed a federation in order to centralize information and coordinate efforts between the different projects.
Via Sahel is composed of Regional Associations (formed according to the 1901 Act for nonprofit organisations), which are autonomous, and are each responsible for financing their own projects.


Via Sahel Children of Africa is funded by the contributions of its members, by donations and through the events it organises several times a year.
The association in France, is composed of volunteers only. During field missions no travel or lodging costs are refunded. Operating costs are therefore zero or near zero.
For more information, see Financial Statements.
Via Sahel Children of Africa is still growing. A Branch was created in Lyon in late 2008 and another was established in 2009 in the Var.
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